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Bernie Sanders Supporters Melt Down And Attack John Lewis After He Endorsed Joe Biden For President

bernie sanders supporters melt down and attack john lewis after he endorsed joe biden
In a shock to no-one, Bernie Sanders supporters melt down and attack John Lewis after he endorsed Joe Biden for president:  "He has a low IQ," one user tweeted.Lewis, who was beaten on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma on Bloody Sunday, said Biden was a "man of courage" and "will be a great president." Never mind the fact...

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Endorses Joe Biden for President: “He’s a Man of Courage”

civil rights icon john lewis endorses joe biden
Civil rights icon John Lewis endorses Joe Biden for president, saying, "he's a man of courage" and "will be a great president." "He will lead our country to a better place," Lewis said."He has been a friend, a dear friend. He's a man of courage, a man with a great conscience, a man of faith," Lewis said in a...

YOU ARE BAD FOR AMERICA Trends As Twitter Users Rip Donald Trump For His Grotesque Presidency

you are bad for america trends twitter users rip donald trump
YOU ARE BAD FOR AMERICA trends as Twitter users rip Donald Trump for his grotesque presidency, with many calling on him to resign because he has blood on his hands.Trump tweeted (projected is more like it): "Advertising in the Failing New York Times is WAY down. Washington Post is not much better. I can’t say whether this is because...

“Replace this Man in November,” Hillary Clinton Slams Donald Trump for Taking 70 Days to Act on Coronavirus Pandemic

replace this man in november hillary clinton slams donald trump for taking 70 days to act on coronavirus pandemic
Hillary Clinton slams Donald Trump after it took him 70 days to act on coronavirus pandemic spreading to the US:  "Replace this man in November," she tweeted.Clinton cited a Washington Post article about Trump's inaction:  “It took 70 days for Trump to treat the coronavirus not as a distant threat or harmless flu strain well under control, but as...

Queen Elizabeth II Trends On Twitter After Delivering Uplifting Speech Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: “We Will Endure”

queen elizabeth II trends on twitter after delivering uplifting speech amid coronavirus pandemic
Queen Elizabeth II trends on Twitter after delivering an uplifting and impassioned speech amid coronavirus pandemic: "We will endure.""I hope everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to coronavirus." "We will be with our friends again, we will be with our families again, we will meet again." the Queen said.Here's an excerpt of Queen Elizabeth's...

Fired Navy Captain Brett Crozier Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Report Says

fired navy captain brett crozier tests positive for coronavirus
Fired Navy captain Brett Crozier tests positive for coronavirus after his letter sounding the alarm about the outbreak about the USS Theodore aircraft carrier went public, according to a report on Sunday.Crozier started showing symptoms of coronavirus before he was removed from the vessel last Thursday, the New York Times reported.Captain Crozier was fired after a copy of his...

Veteran Journo Carole Simpson Says “I Wish Very Much That Andrew Cuomo Were President Now”

carole simpson says i wish very much that andrew cuomo were president now
Veteran journalist Carole Simpson says "I wish very much that Andrew Cuomo were president of the United States leading the battle against the coronavirus" and not Donald Trump.Joy Ann Reid, host of MSNBC's AM Joy, asked Simpson if she were covering the nightly news, how would she cover the news after hearing "two contrasting soundbites," one message from Cuomo...

Sen. Chris Murphy Says Donald Trump Shut Down Program to Identify Lethal Viruses Two Months Before Wuhan Outbreak

chris murphy donald trump shut down program to identify lethal viruses two months before wuhan outbreak
Sen. Chris Murphy says Donald Trump shut down program to identify lethal viruses before they spread to the U.S. two months before the Wuhan outbreak, which is the coronavirus.Murphy tweeted:  "The U.S. had a program - PREDICT - that identified lethal viruses abroad to prevent their spread to the U.S.. It had found 1,200 viruses (and 160 coronaviruses) in...

Jake Tapper Drops the Mic on Donald Trump Over His Coronavirus Response: “This is not about Winning the Newscycle on Fox News”

jake tapper drops the mic on donald trump over his coronavirus response this is not about winning the newscycle on fox news
Jake Tapper drops the mic on Donald Trump over his coronavirus response during his closing statement on State of the Union:  "This is not about winning the newscycle on Fox News" as he asked "where is your plan?"Tapper said:  "I know you, like millions of Americans, are eager to have the nation go back to some semblance of normal....

Twitter Hammers Donald Trump After He Calls Saudi Crown Prince MBS “My Friend” (Involved in Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder)

twitter hammers donald trump after he calls saudi crown prince mbs "my friend" involved in jamal khashoggi's murder
Twitter hammers Donald Trump after he calls Saudi Crown Prince MBS "my friend" (involved in Jamal Khashoggi's murder) in a tweet that has now been disputed by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.Trump tweeted:  "Just spoke to my friend MBS (Crown Prince) of Saudi Arabia, who spoke with President Putin of Russia, & I expect & hope that they will be...

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