Twitter bursts out laughing after Donald Trump says he is “the most innocent honorable man ever to hold this office.” Um, no. He’s the most crooked, pathological and racist dirtbag ever to hold the office of the presidency, which he debases every single day.

#TrumpPressConference is trending as he continues to lie and gaslight America on just about everything. The networks even pulled away from his propaganda briefing.

Um, I count Barack Obama as one of the most honorable men to serve as U.S. president. He never paid off a porn star to keep an extramarital affair quiet. He is married to one woman, who bore his two children. He never held the country hostage nor embarrassed and lied to us repeatedly.

The dude who teargassed peaceful protesters so he could stage a photo op at a D.C. church, where he held up a Bible…upside down…is not a honorable person.

Twitter bursts out laughing after Donald Trump says he’s the most innocent, honorable man ever to hold office, as he melts down:

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