Former senator Al Franken eviscerates Donald Trump tweeting John Tesh and The Pips (without Gladys Knight) had bigger crowds at his Tulsa rally venue. A spokesman for the Tulsa Fire Department said about 6,200 people attended the rally at the Bok Center, which has a capacity of 19,000.

Franken tweeted:

John Tesh and The Pips without Gladys Knight, Loverboy and Sha Na Na got a bigger turnout that Trump’s overhyped disaster of a rally. Imagine that…John Tesh drew a bigger crowd than the pathological liar.

Trump was brutally mocked after video surfaced of him getting off Air Force One and Marine One looking disheveled and dejected, with his tie loose.

Al Franken eviscerates Donald Trump: John Tesh, The Pips (without Gladys Knight) had bigger crowds at Tulsa rally venue:

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