Draft dodger Donald Trump smears Marine Corps vet Rep. Conor Lamb as “an American fraud” in an unhinged Twitter storm on Memorial Day. The buffoon also misspelled Rep. Lamb’s name as “Lamm.”

Trump tweeted: “Sean Parnell is an American Hero. Connor Lamm has proven to be an American fraud, and a puppet for Crazy Nancy Pelosi. He said he would NOT vote for her for Speaker, and did. Will kill 2A. Voted to impeach (on nothing). A TOTAL & COMPLETE Sean Parnell Endorsement!”

Rep. Lamb clapped back:ย  “These people have been lying about my record since the day I became a candidate. It hasn’t stopped, and it won’t stop, until we beat them at the ballot box in November.”

Lamb also said he would not vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House and did not, so it is ridiculous to call him a puppet. But Trump stepped on the equivalent of the third rail on the subway track. He made a big mistake attacking a military veteran on Memorial Day, no less.

Reaction on Twitter after draft dodger Donald Trump smears Marine Corps Vet Rep. Conor Lamb as “an American fraud” in unhinged tweetstorm:

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