Civil rights icon John Lewis endorses Joe Biden for president, saying, “he’s a man of courage” and “will be a great president.” “He will lead our country to a better place,” Lewis said.

“He has been a friend, a dear friend. He’s a man of courage, a man with a great conscience, a man of faith,” Lewis said in a call with reporters. “He will be a great president. He will lead our country to a better place. He would inspire another generation to stand up, to speak up and to speak out, to be brave and to be bold.”


“Joe Biden would not be afraid to stand up and preach the way of peace, the way of love, will not be afraid to preach the fight that we must respect the dignity and the worth of every human being,” he added. “He can help us and will help us regain our way as a nation and as a people.”


“I have a few health problems now, but they will not be with me forever. I plan to travel around America to support him and be able to speak up and speak out for him,” he said. “I know what it is to campaign hard and to work hard, and I will be out there working and campaigning for Joe Biden as president of the United States of America.” Source: CNN

Joe Biden tweeted: “Congressman John Lewis is a moral giant who has spent his entire life pushing our nation to live up to our highest ideals. I’m honored to call him a friend — and grateful to have him by my side in this battle for the soul of our nation.”

The endorsement comes as Biden builds an insurmontable lead in the presidential campaign, winning a majority of the primaries by landslides.

Twitter reacts after civil rights icon John Lewis endorses Joe Biden for president:

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