Veteran journalist Carole Simpson says “I wish very much that Andrew Cuomo were president of the United States leading the battle against the coronavirus” and not Donald Trump.

Joy Ann Reid, host of MSNBC’s AM Joy, asked Simpson if she were covering the nightly news, how would she cover the news after hearing “two contrasting soundbites,” one message from Cuomo that New York may have turned the corner on the coronavirus and from Surgeon General Jerome Adams saying “tomorrow is going to be like Pearl Harbor.”

“I have to admit, I am a fan of Andrew Cuomo and wish very much that he were president of the United States now and running the national battle against this virus,” Simpson responded.

Reid responded: Well, isn’t he? In a way he is.”

Simpson:  “He [Cuomo] talks to us…He tells you about cabin fever. I don’t think Trump has any idea of what we’re hearing people are going through and what they feel. Cuomo clearly does. He makes me feel better even though things are awful. He just makes you feel better and Trump makes me feel scared.”

Simpson’s remarks comes after CNN’s Jake Tapper dropped the mic on Trump asking where is his plan to deal with the coronavirus and that this was not about “winning the newscycle on Fox News.”

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