Mike Bloomberg’s campaign says Bernie’s new bro is Donald Trump in an epic clapback to all the negative attacks from Bernie Sanders and his campaign:  “It’s a shameful turn of events” to see both men “deploy the very same attacks and tactics against Mike.”

Bloomberg’s campaign is dropping names as it goes after Bernie’s hypocrisy: Nina Turner, David Sirota and Briahna Joy Gray. This clapback is so good, here’s an excerpt from the press release:

“It’s a shameful turn of events to see Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump deploy the very same attacks and tactics against Mike, but the reason is clear. At this point, the primary is Bernie’s to lose, and ours to win. Bernie knows this. Trump knows this. That’s why they are united in the campaign against Mike,” said Mike Bloomberg 2020 Campaign Manager Kevin Sheekey.


“Mike is in this race to defeat Donald Trump, and he’s the Democratic candidate who can get that done. This campaign will not sit idly by and allow these false attacks to stand without response,” Sheekey said.


The latest example comes today, with the Sanders campaign circulating a video of Mike’s comments — also shared by Donald Trump Jr. — that is taken completely out of context; the video cuts off Mike’s first sentence where he is referring to agrarian society that lasted 3,000 years, not farmers today. In just the past three months, Mike has traveled to 26 states. During that time, he has met with farmers and heard directly about the struggles they face. The Bernie Sanders campaign is choosing to push out falsehoods and sow divisions within the Democratic party.


In just the past week, Bernie Sanders’ National Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray, Senior Advisor David Sirota, and National Campaign Co-Chair Nina Turner have referred to Mike as a “racist” and an “oligarch,” implied Donald Trump is better than a fellow Democatic candidate for president, and called Bloomberg supporters “enablers.”


These attacks are unacceptable. All Democrats should focus on the critical task of choosing a candidate that can compete against Donald Trump and win. In the face of the most consequential election of our lifetimes, it is unfortunate that we are even talking about such slanderous attacks from other Democrats.

This clapback comes after Bloomberg called out Bernie Bros for their vicious attacks on Democrats who don’t agree with their candidate.

Bloomberg forgot one detail though…he once said Donald Trump was his friend. They golfed together in the past. But, nonetheless, the clapback was awesome.

Reaction on Twitter after Mike Bloomberg’s campaign says Bernie’s new bro is Donald Trump:

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