Hypocrite: Bernie Sanders previously defended the 1994 Crime Bill, even agreeing that the country “needed some more jails” yet he and his flunkies attack Joe Biden for his vote.

Bernie Sanders said in 1994 that he agreed the country needed “some more jails” and that it must be “tougher in certain instances” on crime.


The then-congressman from Vermont made the comments during a news conference in which he explained his support for the now-controversial 1994 crime bill. His remarks, video of which was obtained by CNN’s KFile from CCTV-Center for Media & Democracy, a Vermont public access station, sheds light on Sanders’ support of the now more controversial elements of the bill, and his reservations about other aspects.


“On the other hand, do I think we need some more jails? Yup. Do I think we have to get tougher in certain instances? Yes, I do,” Sanders said. “So what you have is a balance here. You have more money going to law enforcement, more money going into jails. You have, on the other hand, significant sums of money going into prevention, beginning to allow us to deal with violence against women, child abuse and other very serious problems,” Sanders said. Source:  CNN

Why didn’t Hillary Clinton’s campaign counter Sanders and his sycophants attacks on the bill during the 2016 presidential campaign when they attacked her relentlessly even though she was the first lady at the time? The media wasn’t interested in holding Sanders accountable. They went with Clinton’s emails, WikiLeaks and the Clinton Foundation lies instead.

Watch:  Bernie Sanders previously defended the 1994 Crime Bill, yet he attacks Joe Biden for his vote:

Reaction on Twitter as video surfaces showing Bernie Sanders previously defended the 1994 Crime Bill:

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