“I love the poorly educated” – Donald Trump has huge edge with low information voters, “who view politicians and media with contempt” because he has “made politics about culture, not policy.” In other words, Trump can tell the poorly educated anything and they believe him….even when the lies are blatant and flashing in neon letters.

Peter Hamby: “Trump stumbled into understanding something crucial about the electorate, which is this: There are plenty of divisions in our conventional wisdom—insider versus outsider, progressive versus moderate, young versus old—but one of the biggest splits in American politics is simply between those who follow politics closely and those who do not.”

“It’s a split that maps, if not perfectly, onto the gap that emerged between college and non-college educated voters in 2016. The latter set are often low-information voters who view politicians and media with contempt, deciding to sit elections out. Trump has exploited them to powerful effect. The president has made politics about culture—not just policy. He found a way to attract new voters, particularly rural and non-college educated whites who previously thumbed their nose at conventional politics. Because he’s a pure attention merchant, he doesn’t care what screen he appears on, as long he is there. Because he lacks an ounce of shame, it all works, with or without the blessing of the legacy press.”

“None of the above can be said for Democrats, who care habitually about the good graces of the national press, and who don’t see politics as a subspecies of the entertainment business.”

I would also add that there are some educated people who also fall for the lies Trump tells. During the 2018 midterm elections, a Trump supporter, who happens to be college educated, who has parroted some of his lies about voter suppression. Never mind the fact that Georgia’s Secretary of State at the time was Brian Kemp, a Republican.

Watch: “I love the poorly educated” – Donald Trump has huge edge with low information voters (no surprise):

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