“Liar” Nikki Haley draws backlash after saying “the only ones mourning the loss of Soleimani are our Democratic leaders and Democrat presidential candidates.”

Haley went on Donald Trump’s favorite channel to put on her sycophant show. Her comments are irresponsible and it is clear that Democrats are trying to restore order to Trump’s rash actions.

It sounds like she is auditioning for a Fox News job or to run for president in 2024. Either way, it’s pathetic and her reputation is in tatters.

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson tweeted: “Shameful, dangerous comment. We’re in trouble as a nation when an ex-Governor and UN Ambassador would say something so dishonest, Nikki Haley. I’ve rarely agreed with your politics but I’ve always before respected you as a person. It demeans everyone when politicians go low.”

Nikki Haley draws backlash after saying the “only ones mourning loss of Soleimani are Democratic leadership, presidential candidates:

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