Former ambassador Maria Yovanovitch trends on Twitter after Rudy Giuliani admits he “forced her out” to dig up dirt on Joe Biden to help Donald Trump. The thing Trump denied was verified on live TV by his personal lawyer, who is the prime driver of his impeachment.

Giuliani told The New Yorker:  “I needed Yovanovitch out of the way. She was going to make the investigations difficult for everybody.”

During an appearance on Fox News, Giuliani called Yovanovitch “corrupt” and confirmed again that he forced her out, while trying to backtrack on that very thing. You know, “truth isn’t truth.”

This begs the question….who is Rudy Giuliani to force a government official out of her position? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hasn’t said a word in her defense. I guess he will be very busy today not defending the former ambassador, who should sue Giuliani for slander.

More from Twitter as Maria Yovanovitch trends after Rudy Giuliani admits he forced her out:

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