A new Fox News poll shows that 50 percent of respondents want Donald Trump impeached and removed from office, while another four percent just want him impeached but not removed. Right on cue, Trump melted down over the poll.

This poll comes as Trump melted down over former FBI director James Comey and House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff appeared on Fox News. The House of Representatives is set to vote on Trump’s impeachment on Wednesday.

Meltdown in Progress:  Fox News poll finds 50 percent want Donald Trump impeached and removed: “Get a new pollster!” he tweeted.

Trump tweeted:  “The @foxnewPolls, always inaccurate, are heavily weighted toward Dems. So ridiculous – same thing happened in 2016. They got it all wrong. Get a new pollster!”

He has tried to argue that impeachment is a winning political argument for him and that public support is waning. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Separately, a new CBS News poll shows impeachment support has ticked up to 46 percent. More Americans believe Trump “deserves to be impeached than say he doesn’t” over his shakedown of Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.

Reaction on Twitter after Fox News poll shows 50 percent want Donald Trump impeached and removed and he melts down:

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